September 04, 2016

Hemp is the New Black

Wallis Evera - Modern Hemp Apparel

Your polyester, nylon and acrylic clothes are made from plastic derived from crude oil. Sure, they may be cheap, colorful and able to wick sweat like nobody's business, but those synthetic duds are also non-biodegradable, suck a lot of energy and release large amounts of greenhouse gases in their manufacturing process, and then shed an onslaught of nasty micro-fibres into all of our oceans and waterways every time they're laundered. Cotton doesn't tell any prettier a story. It's an extremely thirsty, land-intensive, chemically dependent crop that is directly responsible for the degradation of several large-scale ecosystems around the world. It's time to bring in some alternative fibres to mainstream clothing and get rid of our addiction to synthetics and conventional cotton.