"I have to say, I am so lucky to have found this. I have a high waist line and it's difficult to find something flattering. This is the most flattering top and skirt I have ever put on my body. It is cut to a T, fits like a glove, and everything about the fabric and seams is perfection. Lovely, rich color and it looks so perfect. This was made to expertly flatter the female form. The hidden zippers and subtle pockets in the skirt are so masterfully designed. This is the first of many purchases for me."

"...natural and sustainably produced clothing that is also work-appropriate. The Claire dress is 55% hemp, 45% lyocell and 100% #bosslady chic."

"Versatile, elegant and gorgeous jacket that works well with business attire and also dresses up a pair of jeans nicely! I have many black jackets but this one is outstanding and it's my new favourite. The fabric is beautiful and the fit is perfect. I'm super impressed with the customer service - they were quick, responsive and attentive to ensure that I had the correct fit."

"Get your #cornerofficegoals started with Wallis Evera, an online-only collection of office-ready dresses, skirts, and jackets that give polyester blends and their petroleum-derived ilk a wide berth... Call it “power dressing” with a difference."

"The fabric and construction of this piece are unparalleled. It is so nicely made, and the fabric is modern, comfortable, and still sophisticated enough for business wear. Thank you so much!"

Kim H.
Flare Magazine
Gail T.
Madeline B.