June 25, 2016

Green Girl Boss Business Attire in Paris

Wallis Evera - Lila II Dress in Black - worn by Leotie Lovely

We shipped our Lila II Dress off to Paris in the spring. We couldn’t be more pleased with the beautiful photos and review we received from Leotie Lovely which ended up comprising part of her #GoneGreen2016 series of daily doings and suggestions for sustainable living. She writes:

“Most female business attire is made with fabrics which are petroleum derivatives, like polyester, acrylic, or nylon, all of which will never biodegrade and cause huge damages to the earth in their creation. These collections, whether luxury lines or fast fashion finds are more often than not created by the hands of exploited workers, including children... If you’re a conscious compassionate human, these are fabrics and practices which you’ll be wanting to avoid.”

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