September 11, 2016

Choosing Consciously

Wallis Evera Dresses

Sustainable fashion means that pretty is just a starting point. Beyond that... how deep are you willing to look, what are you finding out, and how does that make you feel? Thoughtful design, ethically made and consciously chosen -- these are things that really matter. At Wallis Evera, our cuts are classic and our stance is unapologetically political. 

I write this because I've been thinking a lot about an online article I came across about a week ago, called "Moral fiber: A wrinkle in the ethical market."  It talks about a recent study conducted by researchers from Ohio State University and the University of Texas at Austin, which shows that people really don't care about ethical luxury practices as much as they claim to.

Of course, what people say often differs from what they do. That's common and no surprise. The more interesting assertion the article makes is that companies should hide their product's ethical credentials, and let shoppers shop without facing a moral or political decision. "If, as a brand, you must go ethical, keep it quiet. Best to dissolve the medicine in a glass of orange juice, than to force it down as a horse pill."  Ugh. What nonsense. 

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