August 28, 2016

Again, the Work-Life Balance

Lila Dress in Navy - Wallis Evera - Modern Hemp Apparel

Summer is my favourite time of year, but it's also the one that brings the greatest strain on that delicate work-life balance. With school out, two months of vacation time with the entire family at home has been fantastic. However, balancing all that fun with the work that still needs to be done everyday to build a startup business is... tough.

My kids are still young (5 and 9), which means they're still intensely curious about what I do with my time, and they love to give brutally honest feedback. Gifts, I tell myself, those qualities are gifts and I am thankful.

The other day, both of my kids climbed onto my lap, squeezing themselves between me and my computer screen, wanting to be included. So we read together and had a beautiful moment of "Work-Life Blend." Here is the article I happened to be reading at the time -- it's a nice, easy breakdown of the why's of eco-fashion, with a great little "eco-conscious textiles guide" at the end. Enjoy!