August 26, 2015

Hemp. Be Different.

Wallis Evera Hemp Eco Fashion - 2-Piece Suit in Black Silky

It's been an amazing first season for Wallis Evera -- we have so much to be thankful for!  When we started, our commitment was to create clothing that we knew was hard to find -- high quality, locally made, natural fibre, clothes for the office -- the practical workhorses of our closet -- work dresses that are good for the planet, look sharp, fit and feel great.  

Our focus on using hemp as the foundation fibre for all our products has been important to us.  We know it's a little different, and it takes a bit of a conversation to warm up to the whole hemp idea.  And that's OK with us.  We love different.  When we hear that our dresses have been the start of conversations around the water cooler about deep and complex world issues -- well, that's extremely cool to us.  We love to hear that kind of news, so please keep the conversations going and the feedback coming.

Let's keep pushing the envelope -- quietly (or not-so-quietly), within the system (or without).  There's more than one path to lead change, and they all start with a conversation.  Thank you for joining ours.

To our amazing suppliers, partners, mentors, friends, and our lovely, lovely, most awesome customers -- THANK YOU for making this summer a celebration!!