August 19, 2015

Trailblazer: Lori Triolo

Wallis Evera Hemp Eco Fashion - 3-Piece Suit in Navy and White

Producer, Actor, Acting / Voice / Bodywork Coach

I do many things. I'm an actor, director, producer, teacher... Leader. I think my most important job is helping others find their voice. Whether it be an actor, a CEO, a computer programmer or scientist. As a child I was debilitatingly shy. I was afraid to ask questions so I spent a great deal of time observing the world and human behaviour. I believe this made me incredibly sensitive to the needs of others. I've spent many years continuing to develop my skills as a guide for others to find their courage to be present and authentic in a world that's constantly trying to inhibit the very same thing.

Most meaningful achievement: My most meaningful achievement is the life I'm living right now. I love sharing the work I do with others who are interested in becoming a better version of themselves while healing. This is difficult work at the best of times but I consider it an extreme honor to help guide others to feel more empowered in their lives.

Lessons learned: That in order to be a master at anything you must be willing to continue to learn until there is no more life to live.

Best advice: Just breathe...and, you have to go through the fear to uncover your joy.

The future is: A thrill ride (where fear and excitement meet).

Wallis Evera Hemp Eco Fashion - 3-Piece Suit in Navy and White

Photo by Vairdy Photography; Jewelry by Stephanie Ann Studios