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Wallis Evera Hemp Eco Fashion - Claire Dress in Black Silky

Radio and TV Host/Producer, Green Blogger

Although I do some TV work, radio is definitely my first career love – I love the immediacy of it. I love that it’s live, it's still very authentic and that you're judged not on how you look but about what you say. I've recently accepted a position with News1130 events reporting and with 969 Jack FM that I'm very happy about.  It's a really great group of people who are very smart and passionate about radio -- it makes going to work a lot of fun!

I'm also currently working on my passion project called which is a site dedicated to featuring people and companies in BC who are going out of their way to positively impact the environment.  It's been a slow process so far because of all the career change lately, but whenever I do work on it, I feel amazing knowing that even though it's just a small contribution, I'm doing what I can to give back to the community, helping to promote environmental awareness and meeting some amazing, like-minded people along the way.

Most meaningful achievement: My most meaningful achievement is the journey that I've been on my entire life.  I'm proud of the accomplishments I've achieved in my career of course, but I'm also proud of how I've recovered from set-backs both professionally and personally and most importantly how I've treated people along the way.

Lessons learned: Here's a few of my favourites... Health is wealth; the more you give the more you get; energy is everything; and if you're feeling helpless, help someone.

Best advice: That goes back to my greatest lesson learned, that health is wealth and you need to listen to your body. A few years ago, when I was working an early morning radio shift, I was diagnosed with cervical cancer and underwent surgery. Thankfully, it was 100% successful in removing the cancer, but it was basically the catalyst towards a long, slow physical burnout. It's taken me a few years to bounce back physically from that experience and has taught me to make health a top priority in life.

The future is:  exciting and full of endless opportunities.

 Wallis Evera Hemp Eco Fashion - Claire Dress in Black Silky

Photo by Vairdy Photography; Jewelry by Sonja Picard

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July 26, 2015

Priceless lessons learned, at a fairly young age Laurie. We can look back and realize some of our set-backs and times of suffering were gifts to be thankful for. Now go on, continuing to grow and learn in this wonderful world!

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Tops XS S M L
Bust 33 - 34 35 - 36 37 - 39 40 - 42
Across Shoulder 15 15.5 16 16.5



Pants  2 4 6 8 10 12 14
Waist 25 26 27 28 30 31 33
Hip 35 36 37 38.5 40 41.5 43
Inseam 29.5 30.75 30 30.25 30.5 30.75 31

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