July 18, 2015

Trailblazer: Natalie Grunberg

Wallis Evera Eco Fashion - Natalie Grunberg

CEO, PantybyPost.com

Panty by Post is a monthly subscription service delivering a curated selection of premium luxe underpinnings right to your door.  It’s a little taste of monthly glamour, for about as much as your Netflix!  

I chose this path of running my own company because every day that I work for myself, I feel fulfilled. It's not an easy path but when you recognize your personality traits, strengths and also your weaknesses, you can find the right career fit for yourself. Being an entrepreneur is a good fit for me.

Most meaningful achievement:  Most recently my most meaningful achievement has been graduating from the Forum for Women Entrepreneurs E-Series. It's like a mini MBA but more than the learning and companionship, it represents a significant turning point in the way I view myself as a businessperson. 

Lessons learned: Don't go into business with family or friends :) and if you do, make sure you stay true to your own heart and free from outside influence. In the end, you have to look yourself in the mirror, not anyone else. Make sure you are proud of who you are.

Best advice: Fund your business yourself and do it yourself. Slow and steady is not a bad thing.

The future is: full of days where I feel fulfilled, and I am maximizing my talent and my love of life.

 Wallis Evera Eco Fashion - Natalie Grunberg

Photo by Vairdy Photography; Jewelry by Stephanie Ann Studios