July 13, 2015

Our Trailblazers Series

Wallis Evera Hemp Eco Fashion - Claire Dress in Black Silky

Our Trailblazers series of photo-essays starts tomorrow. Every day, over the next few weeks, we will be featuring women who are supporting the fashion revolution by choosing local, sustainable, and eco-friendly. The women come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences, and each one has been a wonder and inspiration to me in their own way. Some have made their mark in quiet ways, others are more the raucous, belly-aching laughter with tears streaming down your face types.  Yet, the thread that ties them all together for me is their sense of purpose, strength, and commitment to making an impact in this world.  I hope you like these photos as much as I do.

Local women, local clothing.  Doing different, making a difference.

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