July 08, 2015

Breaking Stereotypes

Wallis Evera Hemp Eco Fashion - Dagny Dress in Tangerine and BlackI saw this quote in an Oprah newsletter quite a while ago, and I've held onto it because of the many conversations I have about my dresses that somehow always come back to the many stigmas around hemp.  I love these conversations, because someone always throws in a pot or hippie joke I haven't heard before. But, mostly I find these conversations fascinating because they remind me of just how much education is required to break through negative and limiting stereotypes.  First of all, hemp is not marijuana. The plants are different varietals of the same species, so while they share some characteristics, they also offer their own uniqueness. All the wonderful benefits of one plant are not also found in the other.  Secondly, hemp is not just for "hippies." What does that mean, anyway? Hemp is for any modern, progressive thinker who is interested in natural, alternative and more sustainable sources of food, fibre, and oil.  I love the hemp fabrics I've found for my dresses -- they're contemporary, beautiful, durable, breathable, comfortable -- and they suit my (admittedly conservative, corporate) style.  Hemp has so many intriguing stories to tell -- it's history, utility, potential and diversity of application -- it's a joy to be helping break this stereotype.