February 03, 2016

Connections and Deeper Conversations

Dagny Dress

One of the things I love most about starting this business is connecting with others who are interested in sustainable fashion.  It may still be a niche industry, but it's growing and filled with incredibly passionate people and innovative businesses.  As Fashion Editor for EcoParent Magazine, I get to research and help spread the news about other eco-friendly and ethically made fashion products that are coming into the market. It's a great gig!  

Check out this latest article for Valentine's Day conversation tips (and a little First Date story). If you're ready to bring your date night discussion beyond, "Oh, that's a pretty colour on you..." Show up wearing something worth talking about.  Because, you know, a Hot Date = Intelligent Dialogue.  

xoxo Monique (chief instigator, Wallis Evera)